SCORPUS: Dunkle Schokolade, Zimt und Gewürznelke im Duft. Im Mund mollig und weich, sehr feines, seidiges Tannin in guter Dosis, reife Säure, ein Sangiovese im Sonntagsanzug, mit Fülle und Kraft eher denn mit urwüchsiger Wildheit.


AURONERA: Röstiges Neuholz, Noten von Trockenfleisch, Thymian und Salbei. Bitterschokolade. im Mund druckvoll mit feinem, aber durchaus auch strukturiertem Tannin, dicht, »warm« und mollig, aber auch mit viel Saftigkeit und einer mineralsichen Tönung, die Frische verleiht. Noch jugendlich-kompakt, mit sehr guten Proportionen und bestem reifepotenzial.

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The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets

Salvador Dalí

Through pioneering work, we have achieved our ultimate goal! We proudly present our own wines, AURONERA and SCORPUS, available for the first time to a wider range of connoisseurs.

SCORPUS Auszeichnungen


Grape varieties: Sangiovese
Alcohol content: 14.5 % vol.
Year: 2016
Storage: barrique
Flavour: dry

Closure: Natural Cork
Minimum storage capacity: 2030
Residual sugar: <1.0 g/l
Acid: 5.0 g/l

Allergen note: Sulfites

This is pure Tuscany: The full-bodied SCORPUS is a pure Sangiovese that will inspire love for the art of Italian wine. Thanks to the exceptional climatic conditions and the barrique storage, we were able to create this unique wine.


The SCORPUS is an expressive wine with cherry and herb notes that complements a strong meal.


Falstaff 02/2021: Dark chocolate, cinnamon, clove on the nose. In the mouth plump and soft, very fine, silky tannin in good dose, ripe acidity, a Sangiovese in a Sunday suit, extremely balanced, stylistically, however, more pleasing by fullness and power than by primal wildness.

Flavius Scorpus was the famous charioteer in Rome (1st Century).


Scorpus’s personality and his story from a lawless slave to one of Rome’s most famous charioteers inspired us to name our best wine after him.


The Berliner Wine Trophy awarded SCORPUS with the gold medal.



Grape varieties: Sangiovese, Cabernet, Syrah
Alcohol content: 14 % vol.
Year: 2015
Storage: barrique
Taste: dry

Closure: Natural Cork
Minimum storage capacity: 2030
Residual sugar: <1.0 g/l
Acid: 5.5 g/l

Allergen note: Sulfites

The AURONERA charms with its wonderfully coordinated ensemble of vine varieties led by fresh Sangiovese and crowned by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah. The barrique aging creates a harmonious balance.


The AURONERA presents a full, intense taste of berries, elegantly topped off by rosemary and sage. This wine is the ideal companion to all fine dishes.


Falstaff 02/2021: Roasted new wood, notes of dried meat, thyme and sage, dark chocolate. Powerful in the mouth, with fine, but also structured tannins, dense “warm” and plump, but also with a lot of juiciness and a mineral tint that gives freshness. Very good proportions, excellent aging potential.

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