SCORPUS: Dunkle Schokolade, Zimt und Gewürznelke im Duft. Im Mund mollig und weich, sehr feines, seidiges Tannin in guter Dosis, reife Säure, ein Sangiovese im Sonntagsanzug, mit Fülle und Kraft eher denn mit urwüchsiger Wildheit.


AURONERA: Röstiges Neuholz, Noten von Trockenfleisch, Thymian und Salbei. Bitterschokolade. im Mund druckvoll mit feinem, aber durchaus auch strukturiertem Tannin, dicht, »warm« und mollig, aber auch mit viel Saftigkeit und einer mineralsichen Tönung, die Frische verleiht. Noch jugendlich-kompakt, mit sehr guten Proportionen und bestem reifepotenzial.

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SCORPUS awarded the gold medal from the Berliner Wine Trophy
Berliner Wine Trophy Medaille

SCORPUS received a gold medal at the winter tasting 2021 of the Berliner Wine Trophy.

Berliner Wine Trophy the World’s Largest OIV Wine Competition. Since the patronage of the OIV in 2004, the Berliner Wine Trophy has become the world’s largest wine competition and Germany’s most important international wine challenge.

SCORPUS and AURONERA are the Falstaff favourites 2/2021

AURONERA and SCORPUS were awarded 93+ and 92 points, respectively, as Fallstaff Favourites .

To be considered as a Falstaff Favourite, a wine must be of a select top class. The minimum number of points required for the award is 92 out of 100, making the wine one of the very best of its kind. In this luxury category, the wine price has no upper limit.

ZDF report: German wine grower in Tuscany

In October 2020, Markus Giese and his team visited us at our winery and summarized our origins and the history behind our wine in this ZDF report:

MUNDUS VINI: Silver medal for SCORPUS

SCORPUS was awarded a silver medal for Italy in the 2021 edition of Mundus Vini.

Mundus Vini is one of the most important international wine competitions annually, taking place in Germany.  It was founded by the publishing house Meininger Verlag with the aim of promoting the quality and marketing of the registered wines.
Oenologists and wine experts evaluate the products by blindly sampling them and awarding the grade according to the international 100-point system of the International Wine Organization (OIV), which is also recognized by the Union Internationale des Oenologues (UIOE).

Paula Bosch: Your expertise on Terra Nera

Paula Bosch was the first female sommelière in star gastronomy. She evaluated our wines. “Repeated tank and barrel samples, vintage 2015 Terra Nera, Maremma, Tuscany, provides both nasal and olfactory properties that are unique to these wines and terrain. I have been convinced of this since the first tasting.  These wines are even more flavourful, with a hard to define iron ore note, a certain terroir note, and also slate tones that I know from the Moselle with the red wines from Pinot Noir.  These characteristics are remarkable and, for me, concise and clear to recognize in the wines of Terra Nera.” (Paula Bosch, 2016)

Read more about Paula Bosch’s wine review.