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A sight beyond belief

The vineyard with a view of the sea is tucked away within the Maremma region of Southern Tuscany.  Nested amongst a wonderful forested and hilly landscape, nature manifests itself in a confession of love called Terra Nera.

Due to its numerous peculiarities, Terra Nera is a perfect location for first-class wine production – a fact that the old Etruscans were aware of over 3000 years ago.

The exceptional shale soil makes this spot one of a kind as this quality can only be found in the Maremma.  In conjunction with the concentration of rare animal and plant species and the proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Terra Nera experiences an exceptional micro-climate which is unique in the world.

The beginning of this success story was made by the TERRA NERA – SCORPUS, TERRA NERA – AURONERA and now also the TERRA NERA – ANDRAEMO, when enjoying the local delicacies, with every drop they flow atmospherically onto the tongue and palate.




The purest embodiment of Tuscan natural spirits

The Terra Nera grapes look as striking as their surroundings. They are smaller and darker than commercially available grapes. In taste they are smoky, extremely pleasant, and high polyphenolic.

Terra Nera red wines are characterized by a deep, complex, and sustainable body, which dances delicately on the tongue, sparking a natural firework of flavours in the nose and palate to leave a long-lasting impression.

Only the rediscovery and the integration of this unique Terra Nera area makes it possible to revive wines in the style of the Super Tuscans.

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Mystery from the depths

Top-class grapes only grow on grapevines with roots nourished by a high-quality, living soil fauna.  This vital base promises a perfect balance of minerals which later spread in the aroma of the wine.

With this knowledge, the ancient Etruscans had a significant impact on the Romans who inhabited the area around Terra Nera many centuries ago. Their insights into the cultivation of wine are legendary. In medieval writings, Terra Nera is also referred to as the “Island of Rarities” because of its numerous special features.

The modern development and planting of Terra Nera was the responsibility of the agronomist Dr. Adriano Bottazzo supported by the world-famous Cavaliere Ezio Rivella.

Terra Nera (black earth) owes its name to the black-grey shale on which the vines are planted.  This type of cultivation produces grape rich in quality.  The grapevine roots absorb inorganic salts, as well as iron and potassium, from the depths of the Maremma soil.  Due shale’s excellent water-retention property, additional minerals are drawn from the rock, giving the plants their unique nutrient cocktail. The cooler air produced by the mixed forest and the moorland soil allow the vines to receive additional irrigation in the form of morning dew. The fresh, pleasant wind that blows on Terra Nera ensures important additional cooling, especially in the hotter months.

Due to the presence of four natural streams, the geographical location at the heart of the Maremma, the proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the nature of the soil, and the accumulation of rare species of animals and plants in the midst of untouched nature, the area’s micro-climate enables ecological, low-humus farming that is unique in the world.

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